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Fallout '76

  • 4 Vault jumpsuit specialty costume
  • 4 Pipboy ‘76 custom wearable prop
  • Build schedule: approximately 2 months

3D model - prints made ready for molding and casting based on specifics from the Fallout76 video game, including port and vent details on the costume and fully detailed Pipboy 76 prop with fabricated leather wrist band. Costumes draped-patterned to replicate the 76 Vault jumpsuits in game play.

Witcher 3 Gwent

  • 8 Hero Characters
  • Build Schedule: approximately 4 weeks

For this commercial, we worked directly with the game creators and their designs to bring into the real world their desired aesthetic and degree of character detail. These character builds required full costumes and in addition, some characters required creature prosthetics and/or masks along with the costumes.

Capital One – Zipperhead

  • 1 makeup horror prosthetic with functioning zipper
  • Build schedule: approximately 2.5 weeks

​Our team designed and produced a unique makeup for Capital One in a horror genre commercial. In this commercial, we produced full head prosthetics that required a complete head life cast. These prosthetics incorporated a fully functioning “zipper” that allowed the actor as the monster character to “unzip” his mouth and speak the iconic Capital One tagline “What’s in your wallet?”

Honda Odyssey

  • 1 realistic oyster
  • 20 realistic chocolate covered strawberries
  • Build schedule: approximately 1.5 weeks

Our team created one realistic approximately 4-foot oyster that could open with a remote actuator. Detailed sculpting and painting rendered a beautiful opalescent looking shell. In addition, our team made 20 realistic chocolate covered strawberries for this commercial.

HP Envy with Dr. Dre

  • 5 specialty mask & various props
  • Build schedule: approximately 1 week

Custom futuristic mask and four various futuristic-looking props for Beats by Dr. Dre commercial.

Pepsi Light “Pinocchio” Brazil

  • 1 animatronic puppet
  • Build schedule: approximately 2.5 weeks

Our team designed and built one Pinocchio-esque puppet with animatronic eye blinks and mouth movement. The most unique feature was the practical nose that could actually grow. This in-camera effect saved the visual effects department. This wonderfully fun puppet was featured alongside the beautiful actress and model, Miss Brazil.

Sony PS3

  • 7 costumes
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

We created multiple individualized video game costumes based on exact artwork of the PlayStation characters. Each character had to match its unique game aesthetic to translate from game world to the real world. We also produced weapons for certain characters.


  • 8 costumes
  • Build schedule: approximately 2 weeks

Our team designed and developed the dirt/mud/dust aesthetic for costume wardrobe to create approximately five unique “dirt” characters for this fun commercial. Fun characters included: Mud Girl, Big Dirt/Little Dirt, Nerd Girls, Dust Guy and Dust Gang Guys.

Fancy Bear

  • 1 prosthetic half-human/half-animal makeup
  • Build schedule: approximately 2 weeks

We created a unique prosthetic build and wardrobe that combined elements of a person and a bear.


  • 1 realistic animatronic pigeon
  • Build schedule: approximately 8 days

This comical animatronic puppet was realistic but plumper in shape and was able to flap wings, furrow brow, realistic head and neck movement. In addition, this comical bird could actually “poop.”


  • 3 realistic bear suits
  • Build schedule: approximately 10 days

Built three realistic quality bear suits of varying sizes with realistic features and bear hair worn by performers for episode: Flo-di-Locks and the Three Bears.

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