Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch


  • Warner Bros. Pictures


  • 2011

What We Did

  • 100 orc demon makeups
  • 40 infantry soldiers
  • 6 steam punk animatronic mask characters
  • 20 background orc pullover masks for mid-to-wide shots
  • 70 artisans/technicians
  • Build schedule: approximately 2 months

Cutting-edge bio-mechanical makeup and specialized creature prosthetics. We created silicone prosthetic makeups that incorporated unique hybrid animatronic elements with makeup effects. We developed ways to creatively and generically fit most of the Orc characters with only five different sculpts. This allowed for efficiency of cost and increased individualized creativity. On set artists were able to quickly create customized characters through paint, hair work, scarring, etc. resulting in up to 30 different Orc aesthetics on set at one time.

​We took on the challenge of a very short build schedule and delivered on time.

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