• Warner Bros. Pictures


  • 2009

What We Did

  • 36 costumes
  • 75 artisans/technicians
  • Build schedule: approximately 3 months

These superhero costumes are respected as some of the finest specialty costume work ever achieved in the industry. We developed three full characters of highest quality that remain memorable to the comic’s fan base and superhero aficionados.

​Two of the characters boasted high quality capes each incorporating multiple materials and molds to achieve their design aesthetic. The capes were a separate complex build. We incorporated multiple materials to create depth and layering aesthetic while maintaining flexibility and movement so critical for the character and film’s aesthetic.

​The charismatic Comedian character required a full upper body torso muscle suit with exposed arms and neck. Audiences everywhere thought the realistic looking well-developed upper body was the actor’s real muscular build.

We took on the challenge of a very short build schedule and delivered the large number of specialty costumes on time.

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