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Jurassic World Traveling Show

  • 10 life sized walkaround suit dinosaurs
  • 2 life sized fully mechanical dinosaurs
  • Build schedule: approximately 18 months

Quantum Creation FX, Inc. prides itself on hand selecting artists, craftspeople, tradesmen, digital modelers, mechanical engineers, and specialty costumiers for each project awarded. This process of selection was highly critical when Quantum was recently awarded seven unique dinosaur creatures for the Jurassic World Live Tour.

Taylor Swift

  • 30 sets of costume helmets & headgear/armor pieces
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

Custom made costume elements per approved designs for Taylor Swift and her many stage performers. These beautiful 3D sculpted and hand-fabricated pieces were designed to fit multiple sized dancers and to be very light-weight and have the ability to stay on through stage performances.

Marvel Universe Live

  • 8 foot tall HULK suit
  • Build schedule: approximately 3 months

Created one custom fabricated Hulk suit with sculpted head and hands. This was a suit that could be worn by a stunt performer on stilts. This life-sized Hulk was built to be more detailed, aesthetically realistic and with enhanced performer movement.

Katy Perry

  • 10 vacuform cat masks
  • 2 week build schedule

Custom-made light-weight cat heads/masks for performers to wear in a Katy Perry music video. These masks were hand sculpted, molded and then were made into vacuform bucks. These masks were eloquently painted with the addition of jewels and various details to match the approved design.

Charlie Wilson

  • 10 lighted jackets & pants
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

The application of multiple strands of LED lighting to performer’s jackets and Charlie’s jacket and pants. These costume elements were designed to give Charlie his signature lighting look. Each costume had its own program and light sources. They were also activated through remote sources and/or manual buttons performers could use.

Chris Brown

  • Various masks, headpieces, wrist gauntlets and other costume elements
  • Build schedule: approximately 3 weeks

Sculpted and cast components made with special compounds to give realistic gold appearance and feel to specialty costume elements for Chris Brown and dance trio. Each element was handcrafted in light-weight materials while maintaining durability for multiple concert performances.

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