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  • 7 unique featured costume characters
  • 7 unique featured costume character costume parts
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks on average over 3 seasons

Generated unique custom specialty superhero style costumes for “Villains & Advisories” during 3 seasons and several story arcs. This included 3D modeled - printed armor parts, masks, accessories, and small parts to be mounted to finished costumes. Fully Fabricated costume elements and characters consist of head to toe looks including pants, tops / vests, capes, and applied casted elements such as body armor pieces, lighted elements, dimensional under structures covered in Designer approved materials and fabrics and muscles suits for the purpose of creating superhero symmetry.

The Flash

  • 5 custom cowls & custom elements
  • Build schedule: approximately 5 weeks

Custom sculpted cowl for lead character and stunts and custom sculpted Flash emblems and custom suit components.


  • Hero iconic helmet with lenses
  • Stunt iconic helmet with lenses
  • 20 sets hero/stunt accessories and parts for the costume
  • 7 hero/stunt muscle suit
  • Build schedule: approximately 3 - 4 weeks over 3 seasons

All costume accessories traditionally sculpted-modeled and casted in urethanes with pieces including shoulder and rib armor pieces, knee pads, shoulder straps, belt straps, hooks and belt slides. Season 1 helmet traditionally sculpted - molded and casted with Season 1 helmet returning for the Season 2 “welded” look. All parts and accessories utilized a unique and beautiful process of intrinsically coloring the various specialty elements through the casting phase with flexible automotive paint systems applied to the final product.

The Tick

  • 2 hero specialty costume suit with animatronic helmet and face prosthetics
  • 3 stunt specialty costume suit with helmet
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 months

Full head to toe redesign (Second Generation) for the Amazon original series - guided by The Tick’s creator. All insect type plates / body armor both traditionally sculpted and 3D modeled - printed with masters prepped with varying textures prior to molding. All casted pieces intrinsically colored for maximum on set durability. This included a Traditionally sculpted headpiece / helmet housing animatronics for antenna movement and a prosthetic foam latex bandit mask. Costume fabrics and materials custom dyed with a dimensionally printed repeating pattern covering Talent and Stunties from head to toe. All armored “insect-like” anatomy assembled and attached to superhero undersuit with muscle suit to complete the desired silhouette. Cast parts and costume painted and finished utilizing both flexible paint systems and traditional paint systems.

Future Man

  • Custom sci-fi helmets
  • Specialty costume parts, pauldrons, greaves, and chest pieces
  • Build schedule: approximately 5 weeks

Custom sculpted and molded armor pieces. Some pieces supported LED lighting effects. Custom hero and stunt helmets with breakaway visors and LED lighting accent.

The Mandalorian

  • Various specialty hero creature props
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

Per creature design, we developed several realistic silicone one-eyed frog characters and several larger fur covered eggs. We also created multiple gel-filled frog eggs with embryos.

The Following

  • 20 hero pullover masks
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

We created these unique creepy masks to be based on the look of Edgar Allen Poe. Our team utilized hand sculpting with casting in latex to achieve a creepy, scary appearance. These masks were used by various actors who were “the followers” in the show.


  • 1 mechanized baby, various human body part makeup prosthetics
  • Build schedule: approximately 4-6 weeks

Our team built a realistic silicone baby that could exhibit seizure-type activity with eye opening movement. We also constructed various human-realistic body part prosthetics for emergency scenes in this favorite American hospital drama.

Sons of Anarchy

  • Various prosthetic scar appliances
  • Build schedule: approximately 1 week

We produced multiple prosthetic scar appliances for a crime drama centering around a rogue motorcycle club set in a fictional California landscape.

Saving Grace

  • Various prosthetic scar appliances
  • Build schedule: approximately 1 week

We created one realistic emaciated body that would allow for various poses as needed for crime drama scenes surrounding Oklahoma City Police Officer, Grace Hanadarko.

The Shield

  • Miscellaneous costume elements
  • Build schedule: approximately 2 weeks

Our team constructed various costume elements for a police drama where a bad cop uses whatever means necessary to rein in criminals including his use of criminal acts.


  • Various alien bodies
  • Build schedule: approximately 4-5 weeks

We sculped, molded and cast silicon alien bodies that were in mid-transformations from alien-to-human.

The Evidence

  • 1 prosthetic cut off finger, multiple cut & suture facial appliances
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 weeks

Our team created many makeup and gore effects for this police drama.

30 Days of Night

  • Multiple vampire prosthetics & gore effects
  • Build schedule: approximately 4-6 weeks

We produced multiple makeup and gore effects including realistic silicone human heads. Some of these heads were created to look shot and partially decapitated with internal brain and organs showing.

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