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World-Class Specialists in Specialty Costumes, Effects, Props & Art Installations

Quantum Creation FX has made a name for itself as a leader in the entertainment and film industry by exploring and implementing cutting edge technologies and through an innovative approach to creativity. The company specializes in a variety of services aimed at bringing its client’s visions to life with creative integrity, cutting edge effects, and quality craftsmanship.

Hand Crafted Specialty Costumes

Quantum specializes in high-end, individually crafted specialty costumes often working with award-winning costume designers. Extreme care and dedication goes into each of our works. We understand that each costume is an individual work of art originating from your unique vision and enhances the quality of the film.

Our custom made costumes have been featured in high profile films such as TRON: Legacy, Watchmen, Snow White & the Huntsman, Hunger Games, The Last Airbender and Star Trek (2009).

Realistic Forensic Effects

We produce forensic effects that hold up to the scrutiny of camera close-ups. Our team carefully assesses each forensic effect, giving special attention to the detail and nuances that only the human eye is capable of detecting.

This dedication to precise and refined forensic effects work can be found in M. Night Shyamalans’s The Happening, the popular television series ER, The House of the Devil, Boogeyman II and Cabin Fever II.

Creatures, Prosthetics & Bio-mechanical Makeup

Films such as Sucker Punch and Splinter helped audiences and movie-makers alike appreciate the advantages of lifelike creatures and prosthetics in camera, on-stage interacting with actors. Our team combined innovative makeup/prosthetic components with animatronics in the Sucker Punch character Gunner. On Gunner, silicone encapsulated prosthetic makeups were blended with animatronic elements creating a bio-mechanical makeup. We merged two very distinct technologies to achieve an extreme realism and allow for the enhancement of subtle and advanced human-like characteristics.

These specialized makeups and prosthetics create lifelike creatures that bring an organic and authentic energy to film.

Animatronics & State-of-the-art Electronics/Lighting

Our teams are constantly looking for ways to advance technologically. Cutting-edge technology was developed for the TRON Legacy costumes in 2009. The TRON costume build would probably be the first time in costume making history where 3D rendering technology was used to help create tight form fitted foam costumes.

Quantum designed an intricate self-contained lighting process for the costumes utilizing intricate wiring harnesses, power inverters, screen printed phosphorescent lamps and computer programming specific to each character. Combinations such as these exemplify the refined and advanced animatronic/electronic work we always strive to create.

Concept Art

Designs form the foundation of all projects. During the research and development phase, our illustrator not only designs the characters but actually works on the floor with our development team to ensure that illustrations are viable and can be brought into the real world. This collaborative approach creates unforgettable characters such as Sucker Punch’s Storm Troopers, Infantry Soldiers, Dirty Colonel, Loader and Gunner.

We work hard to realize your artistic vision while maintaining the approved aesthetic during the design phase.

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